Biggest Wash Bottles and Buckets Kit - expert wash kit bundle with Grit Guards (14 items) £25 saving

Dodo Juice


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If you can't decide which shampoo to get - or you simply love shampoos and can't get enough of them - this is the kit for you.

We'll give you three Dodo Juice shampoos, a synthetic and a natural wash mitt (so you can choose which you prefer), a drying towel, plus a twin bucket kit with Grit Guards.

Don't thank us... OK, you can. Just a little bit.

Contains: Sour Power 250ml, Born To Be Mild 250ml, Low on Eau 250ml, Captain Canoodle Wash Mitt, Tribble Mitt Wash Glove, Soft Touch Drying Towel, 2x Buckets, 2x Water-tight Lids, Blue Grit Guard, Red Grit Guard, 'Wash' and 'Rinse' Stickers

(£120 List Price of items= £25 saving)

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