Born To Tribble Twin Bucket Kit - wash kit bundle with/without bucket filters

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So you're going for a natural wash mitt, huh? Good for you. But remember, the Tribble Mitt has a 100% natural hide and needs more aftercare than a synthetic mitt (e.g. Captain Canoodle), plus a regular dunking to stop it drying out. You don't need to worry about the two buckets so much, though. They're tougher than Liam Neeson at a kidnappers convention, and come complete with some natty water-tight lids.

And just before you click and buy, it gets better... we're also including some award-winning shampoo and a drying towel. A kit made in car wash heaven.

You can even add Scratch Shields or Grit Guards to taste (for a small additional premium).

Contains: Born To Be Mild 250ml, Tribble Mitt Wash Glove, Soft Touch Drying Towel, 2x Buckets, 2x Water-tight Lids, 'Wash' and 'Rinse' Stickers

Option of Blue/Wash Grit Guard/Scratch Shield, Red/Rinse Grit Guard/Scratch Shield.

(Saving of £11-15 off individual retail prices)

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