Born To Canoodle Twin Bucket Kit - wash kit bundle with/without bucket filters

Dodo Juice


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Is canoodling a bucket merely a pail imitation of love? Pail? Never mind. We don't get paid to write this stuff and it probably shows.

OK, this kit features our durable-yet-soft Captain Canoodle wash mitt, alongside award-winning Born To Be Mild shampoo, our best selling Soft Touch drying towel and a couple of our best quality 'almost indestructible) water-seal buckets.

Then simply add either Scratch Shields or Grit Guards to taste.

Kit contains: Born To Be Mild shampoo 250ml, Captain Canoodle Wash Mitt, Soft Touch Drying Towel, 2x Buckets, 2 Water-tight Lids, 'Wash' and 'Rinse' Stickers.

Option of Blue/Wash Grit Guard/Scratch Shield, Red/Rinse Grit Guard/Scratch Shield.

(Saving of £9-14 compared to original retail prices.)

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