Born to be Mild Prototype - car shampoo collectible UNIQUE

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00008

It almost became Born to be Mild. But it didn't.

When the Born to be Mild recipe was nearly ready, we played around with colour and smell.

Well, we had the smell nailed. This stuff is just as delicious to sniff as the production version. But we thought 'can we get away with red for the colour?'. We wimped out in the end. Purple just looked funkier. The red was nice. Sort of like cranberry juice. But we canned Project Red Shampoo overnight and left the glass jar on the shelf, ready for a collector like you to snap up as a little nugget of Dodo Juice history.

For information, the jar contains approximately 50ml of super concentrated pH-neutral maintenance shampoo. Labelled JAK 168C after the chemistry boffins who create our products. JAK is alright, but don't mess with 168C. He's had a number ever since he left prison.

Note that Born to be Mild went on to become a legendary detailing shampoo, winning 'Best Wash Product' on Detailing World for four consecutive years. So you can splosh this collectible into a bucket and wash a car with it, if needs must. But they don't and they shouldn't. This is one for Dodo aficionados only.


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