Born to be Mild Fragrance 100ml - berries spray air freshener

Dodo Juice


So you clicked on here to find out about Born to be Mild Air Freshener.

You want us to believe that you didn't realise that this is the same fragrance as Born to be Mild multi award-winning shampoo.

We don't believe you.

You think that we don't know that you love that delicious smell of berries, somehow contained in this 100ml spray bottle.

We do know. 

We can sense that the handy and convenient size makes you believe that it will fit in your car with ease.

Don't deny it.

You are entitled to believe that this could be the greatest smell that has ever been captured.

We won't argue with you. 

You and I both know that you actually clicked here, in the hopes of reading something witty, maybe informative, maybe both.

Unfortunately only you know the answer to whether it was any of those.

We're guessing no, but you've added it to the basket anyway.

Mission accomplished.

Spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining - if concerned, please spray onto the carpets under the front seats instead.

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