Blue Fin - fin cut foam light polishing pad, 150mm (6 inch) SECONDS

Dodo Juice

£6.67 £7.50

This is a Blue Fin Light polishing Pad that maybe has a mark on it, not great packaging or something along those lines. Nothing too bad, just something that's not 100% up to our standards. This could make it a bit of a bargain for you! 

PLEASE NOTE that the pictures used are for illustrative purposes only and do not depict the exact item you will receive.

Here's what we say about the Basics Wash Pad, in case you're wondering...

The Dodo Juice Fin Cut pad design not only runs cooler and slings less, it allows for a more consistent cut across the whole face of the pad. A great step up from the ever popular ‘waffle’ design.

The Blue Fin is a light polishing pad with a small amount of cut, for use on soft and medium-hard paints to remove swirls etc.

Suits 120mm-130mm (5 inch) backing plates.

Please note that pads should always be stopped/started on the panel, removed gently from the backing plate and washed carefully with mild detergent (don't let it soak overnight) to prevent premature delamination of the hook and loop backing from the pad.

To maintain, simply massage neat washing up liquid into the foam pad cutting face under a running tap, then rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

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