Beady Eye Wax 100ml by HB Sauce - hybrid car wax with carnauba eyeball - OFFER

Independent Wax Label


HB Sauce (otherwise known as Kevin Longman) has been dabbling in the world of waxmaking for a while now, and he wanted to make a wax fit for a king (or at least connoisseurs of fine wax, like you good folks that shop for Dodo Juice).

Using his wealth of knowledge as a detailer and chef equally, he knew what he wanted to achieve, and so he headed to The Waxcave. Some say he emerged days later, others think it was weeks.

In truth, no one knows.

Time works differently in The Waxcave.

All we do know is that Beady Eye was the result (and that he had more facial hair than when he entered). 

Beady Eye is a triple pour wax in every sense, and all three are hybrid in origin as well.

First the white eyeball, then comes the lime slime, followed by lashings of wax blood to top it off. ]

Not only does it smell gorgeous, but the performance is amazing (as you would expect from a hybrid).

Beady Eye is limited to 333 pots, originally made just in time for Halloween 2017. So take it as an OMEN that your car will be SHINING, you won't regret IT.

Yes, that's right, you escaped eye puns but not the Halloween ones.


**PLEASE NOTE: our last Beady Eye jars are now a year or two old and whilst they are perfectly usable, the colours inside are not as vibrant as they once were, and colours will have faded and run. This happens to all waxes over time. We have discounted the price to reflect this for the last few jars. It does not affect collectability or usability as all Beady Eye waxes will be like this now.**

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