Basics Tyre & Trim 250ml - dressing for plastic/rubber trim and tyres

Dodo Juice


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With a satin finish and sling-free formulation, this amber nectar refreshes parts of your car a can of Fosters will simply make sticky and beery. Yes, this dressing is a master multi-tasker, perfect for adding a lustrous finish to tyres or all types of exterior trim. Plastic, rubber, textured, smooth, new or old, it really doesn't matter... Basics Tyre & Trim will do a great job enhancing the appearance of almost any surface. And it will last a few weeks, too, rather than sling off onto your bodywork when a wheel turns or it starts to rain.

Note - do NOT apply this product (or any type of tyre dressing) to the tyre tread. It's for the sidewalls only. Unless, of course, you love crashing your car into things when it rains.

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