Basics 'The Works' Kit - complete detailing bundle (16 items) £20 saving

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Let's say you don't have a lot of time, but you do have a modest budget.

You therefore want a complete kit that covers off all detailing stages, contains lots of accessories - because yours are either worn out, unsuitable or just a little bit pants - and includes some maintenance stuff for keeping the finish in a state that would make Barry Scott proud... and you don't want lots of choices, deliberation or decision-making.

Well, this is your kit. Right here.

And you'll get over a hundred pound's worth of detailing gear (that could last for years) for just £87 - the price of a full tank of fuel if you have a 7-series BM, or an extra grande caramel macchiato with mini marshmallows in if you visit a hipster cafe.

Soooo... savings, simplicity, savviness... and sheer scale... it has to be 'The Works'. Indulge yourself. 

Not sure what everything is used for? Don't worry. Just visit our tutorials here.

Contains: Wash Pad, Wax-safe Wash 500ml, Drying Towel, Clay Bars 2x55g, Clay Lube, Polish Applicator, Prep Polish 250ml, Tyre and Trim 250ml, Wax Applicator,  Protection Wax, 2x Buffing & Polishing Cloths, 2x Extra-soft Buffing Cloths, Detailing Spray 500ml, Glass Cloth. (DILUTE CLAY LUBE WITH TAP WATER BEFORE USE).

(£107 list price of items = £20 saving.)

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