Basics of Bling Rinse Bucket Vinyl Sticker - rinse bucket vinyl sticker

Dodo Juice


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Whether you have a small 'builder's bucket', one of our premium 19 litre ones, or our standard 20.5 litre buckets, this vinyl can make it look snazzy. Should we be using the word snazzy with a 'bling' product? Is that 'street'? Should we be typing all our thoughts out on this webshop, or even random words like 'stink pickle'? Who knows.

All that matters is that this sticker looks good and is made from 'five to seven year vinyl'. Using all our GCSEs, A levels, degrees, masters, doctorates and an abacus, we deduce that it should last five to seven years. As long as you don't decide to start peeling it off, stick it onto a ribbed bucket or attach it to a freshly greased turkey.

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