Dodo Juice Basics Protection Wax 100ml - hybrid wax for warm, dark and red coloured cars

Dodo Juice


If you've got a warm or dark coloured car and the vast array of waxes and sealants available confuses you, keep things simple… our Basics Protection Wax won’t let you down.

It’s a streamlined hybrid wax with all the good stuff left in, and unnecessary ingredients taken out. So performance is in another league compared to other affordable waxes, and it can trade blows with expensive offerings from 'boutique' wax manufacturers.

Being resistant to high temps also makes it suitable for use as a wheel sealant. There's no need to buy a separate product... Basics Protection Wax multi-tasks and saves you money.

This 100ml jar should be enough for 12-14+ layers on an average sized car, and each layer could give 3-6 months protection to a daily driven car in Western Europe (longer for garaged cars, shorter for daily drivers in hotter climates). That means this jar could last for years and years... perhaps even the ownership period of your car.

And if you have a red car, rejoice. We made this wax especially for you. Expect a 2-4% dye tint on paintwork - it won't be that noticeable but it is there and it does add warmth. If you have a black car, go for Dodo Juice Black Widow hybrid wax. And for light coloured cars, opt for Supernatural Hybrid.

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