Basics Prep Polish - pre-wax cleanser, polish and glaze

Dodo Juice


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A prep stage product for use after claying, Prep Polish cleans, polishes and glazes - ready for a wax or sealant (like Basics Protection Wax). This universal polish is designed to be easy to use and super-safe on all paintwork, including soft Japanese or classic car finishes. It contains super-fine micro abrasives that are effectively 'pre-diminished' to prevent holograms and minimise any chance of strike-through. Despite this, it has enough cut to remove minor swirls and defects - especially if used by machine with a suitable polishing pad.

If you're new to detailing, this polish prevents worrying about all the polish choices on offer. This bottle simply won't let you down. No machine? No worry. Just apply with a microfibre polish applicator, work in and buff with a soft microfibre. All in all, a safe start, but with impressive polishing results.

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