Banana Armour Fragrance 100ml - banana spray air freshener

Dodo Juice


We've bottled the fragrance of our popular wax, Banana Armour and even put a spray head on it. Yep, that's right, you can give a burst of banana onto headlining, carpets or just spray it off into the air.

Never again do you have to keep running to your jar of banana armour or buying some milkshake, just for a whiff of that sweet, sweet banana.

This handy 100ml bottle is perfect for the glovebox or door bins of your car.

Please note that minions seem to have an infatuation with bananas, so be warned that they may start following you around (if they exist). As will wild monkeys (if they are close). And a guy called Eric Twinge (If he needs to turn into Bananaman).

Spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining - if concerned, please spray onto the carpets under the front seats instead.

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