Backing Plate Bonanza - expert backing plate selection (choose from rotary or orbital)

Dodo Juice


Into machine polishing? Still just using the single sad-looking backing plate that came with the machine? Well, wake up and smell the panelwipe. We've got a selection of upgraded backing plates for your machine to make it even more versatile.

We offer a choice of two kits (or get both if you have a rotary and orbital machine):

Orbital Kit
This kit gives you a couple of upgraded 'standard' sized backing plates, plus a spot sized backing plate - allowing you to machine parts of your car that are normally difficult to tackle (like A-pillars and wing mirrors). 5/16th inch fitment for popular orbital/DA machines, including the DAS-6 and G220.

Contains: Supernatural Orbital Backing Plate 70mm, Supernatural Orbital Backing Plate 123mm, Supernatural Deep Dish Orbital Backing Plate 123mm

(£44 list price of items = £4 saving)

Rotary Kit
If you own a rotary polisher with an M14 spindle (all European machines will be M14 metric fitment, US machines are likely to be 5/8 inch imperial), then this is the backing plate bundle of your dreams... 50mm, 70mm, 70mm 'tall', 125mm and 150mm. All are included, so you can get on with some 'spot' polishing of awkward areas, or use larger wool cutting pads for tackling wider areas, tougher paint etc.

Contains M14 backing plates: Dodo Juice Micro Mount 50mm, Dodo Juice Tall Boy Mount 70mm, Supernatural 'Mini' Backing Plate 70mm, Supernatural Backing Plate 123mm, Dodo Juice Maxi Mount 150mm

(£74.75 list price of items = £6.80 saving)


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