Austintacious 200ml - limited edition '50th Anniversary of the Mini' car wax SOLD OUT

Dodo Juice


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To celebrate 50 years of the Mini, we created a special red, white and blue triple-layered carnauba wax called Austintacious. What's more - it was the first Dodo Juice limited edition.

Only 539 jars were produced, one for every 10,000 classic Minis made... Every wax was individually numbered at the Dodo Juice factory to guarantee authenticity.

Whilst this wax is no longer available for sale, we have kept it in our shop as it's a little bit of Dodo Juice history. You may be lucky enough to find a second hand jar for sale, but the coloured wax layers won't be as fresh as when originally poured (the colours tend to merge together over time due to dye migration).

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