Spray It Again Sam - air freshener bundle (3 items) OFFER

Dodo Juice

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One of the attractions of Rick's Bar in Casablanca was its delightful ambience - an ambience improved no doubt by the use of spray air fresheners seeing as Yankee Candle hadn't been invented back then. In tribute to Rick and piano player Samwise Gamgee, we therefore created this bundle of three luscious 'pocket sized' air fresheners: Mr Skittles Original (Born to be Mild, berries), Mr Skittles Gimp (leather) and Rainforest Rub (fresh watermelon). The 20ml pump sprays allow for longevity, economy and perfect dosage; spray onto headlining or carpets - or just into the air. But not the eyes. Never the eyes.

Contains: Mr Skittles Original 20ml Air Freshener, Mr Skittles Gimp Leather 20ml Air Freshener, Rainforest Rub 20ml Air Freshener

(£12 list price of items = £2 saving)

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