Supernatural Glaze 100ml - tyre/trim/hide dressing OFFER


£11.67 £13.33

If you're looking for a glossier tyre dressing, something to pep up plastic/rubber exterior trim or a shinier finish than our leather sealant provides, then Supernatural Glaze is what you've been looking for.

It leaves a dry, satin finish on all hard surfaces and is simple to apply.

Durability will never be more than a couple of weeks on tyres, but you should see 1-2 months of longevity on exterior trim. And it doesn't matter whether it is rough or smooth in texture; Supernatural Glaze goes on easily and provides a superb, attractive finish.

For UV damaged/oxidised black plastic trim that has gone grey, maybe opt for Dodo Juice Tyromania instead. But for newer trim, you'll love Supernatural Glaze almost as much as we do. It's our 'go to' dressing for plastic trim, rubber and tyres these days.

Note that this product is not a paint glaze like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite... application to trim, tyres, vinyl and hide is our recommendation. This is where it really excels.

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