Ultimate Sealant Kit - expert sealant bundle (6 items) £19 saving

Dodo Juice


We love waxes. We started our company with just a few jars of them, back in 2007. Since then, we've made thousands of pots of wax laden with carnauba goodness.

But our quest for ultimate performance dictates that we can't ignore the synthetic rise of the sealant... so we've made hybrid waxes, spray sealants, a polymer sealant and even nano-ceramic super-sealants.

If sealants are your bag, this kit is a Hermes Birkin with lots of extra diamonds attached.

Contains: Iron Gloss 100ml, Supernatural Infinity Nano-ceramic Sealant 30ml, Supernatural Hybrid 100ml, Red Mist 250ml, Future Armour 500ml, Supernatural Acrylic Spritz 250ml

(£119 list price of items = £19 saving)

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