Snow Foam Water Pressure Booster - smaller orifice for thicker foam

Dodo Waxshack


Sometimes people can use the best snow foam (Apple iFoam) and it might not be as thick as they've seen on Instagram, Facebook and the like. This can be down to various factors

* The pressure washer itself - maybe you got a good deal at the local garden centre, but sometimes they aren't up to the task of your ride.

* Limescale - In particularly hard water areas, limescale can build up and you might need to change the lance filter (for this) .

*Water pressure - That's where this little puppy comes in. This handy insert, fits into your pressure washer lance, and funnels the water through a smaller orifice, to enable a thicker foam even if you have lower water pressure. The booster will give a 10-15% increase in foam, in our experience. So enough to help with the foam, but not enough restriction to cause damage to your pressure washer. 

You will need to undo your lance, use a flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the standard orifice (oop pardon), and then screw this one in. You'll find that it is at the area where the male-to-male connector is.

It's rather hot in here now writing about male to males, screwing and orifices. Bit flustered now...

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