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19 Litre US 'Drowning Baby' Detailing Bucket - ultra-durable wash bucket

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How much? For a bucket? Anyone would think we were selling crystal meth to toddlers. But no, we just cater for the bucket aficionado. Someone who appreciates these features:

  • Ultra-durable construction - a true 'bucket for life' rather than one to last the show season. 90 mil thickness sidewalls.
  • Semi-translucent high quality plastic, so you can see how grubby your wash water gets (you can't see through bucket foam easily, so darkened water indicates when the water is too dirty and should be changed).
  • Perfect fit for the Grit Guard... in fact, the Grit Guard was designed for this exact bucket - so no chance of a Grit Guard not fitting or floating up to the top because it is way too small.
  • Cavity-base design. A raised lip keeps the bucket above stones and uneven ground that can otherwise crack or stress a bucket when it is full of water.
  • Sealable lip and optional lid. The water-tight O-ring gasket lid allows you to transport a FULL bucket of warm water to shows - something a mere dust cover won't allow. It helps prevents spiders, dust and other debris getting inside the bucket when it's stored. And the lid is also sturdy enough to sit on as a detailing stool when empty. Plasterer's DIY buckets may look similar but don't seal or have lids as a general rule.
  • 19 litre (5 US gallon capacity), stackable with metal handle and plastic handle grip.
  • Perfect for use with our bucket stickers... these help you tell wash, rinse and wheels buckets apart during use and storage.

For those who don't appreciate such finery, the bucket aisle of your local DIY centre is calling. They only cost a couple of pounds, you know. Godspeed you money saving expert!

These buckets have a natty 'drowning baby' icon on them, in a foil design, which is very cool and helps us to identify them. But we do not condone drowning babies and we recommend that you keep all babies, children and pets away from buckets of water in case they fall or leap in. Water is a drowning hazard and drowning is a death hazard. 

*If purchasing the gasket-seal lid, please remove the peel-away tab on the lid after purchase if you need to seal the bucket. This is not necessary if using the lid as a mere dust cover.*


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