Show Me the Soap Kit - car shampoo bundle (3 items) £3 saving

Dodo Juice


What do you call a man with three planks of wood on his head? Edward Woodward.

What do you call a kit with a gloss enhancing shampoo, a rinseless wash and an award winning shampoo? Show Me the Soap.

Okay, so the punchline isn't great, but the products are.

This kit is for those detailers who want to try different types of shampoo, or who simply can't make up their mind when it comes to which Dodo Juice shampoo to go for. All of them smell amazing (berries, apples and pineapple), so you may have a hard time deciding based on that.

Contains: Born To Be Mild 250ml, Sour Power 250ml, Low on Eau 250ml

(£26 list of items = £3 saving)

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