Spin Doctor PRO rotary machine polisher - 1100W, M14 spindle, UK plug - CLEARANCE

Dodo Juice

£33.33 £58.33

The Spin Doctor Pro is a lightweight rotary machine polisher, essentially a thumbwheel control version of the LCD powered Spin Doctor v1, with much to commend it. Mainly the light weight, low price and strong performance at higher speeds (1400rpm+).

However, it has a couple of characteristics that prevent us from offering it as a standard range item at full price.

Firstly, it has a safety-lock on the trigger, so you need to depress the button to activate the trigger - then hold the trigger down when the machine is in use. There is NO trigger lock to keep the machine on permanently. This doesn't suit all detailers.

Secondly, the location of the safety-lock button means that it only suits right-handed individuals... if you are left-handed this machine will not be right for you (choose the Spin Doctor v2 instead).

Thirdly, the thumbwheel operation means that the machine has a slow-witted automatic speed control and can 'hunt' at low speeds on a panel, especially if the polishing pad isn't kept perfectly flat. We therefore recommend that this machine is used at speed settings of 2 and higher, where hunting will not occur. If you treat this as a higher speed machine, using it from 1200-1400rpm and above, you may grow to love it. But it is not for everyone.

Finally, the standard spec is very good, if you decide to take the plunge. It comes with both a side handle and a D-handle, an extra-long 5m lead (compared to 4m as standard on the Spin Doctor v1), two brush sets and a hard carry case.

Please note that this machine is M14 fitment and UK spec (3 pin plug, 220-240v, CE compliant) and DOES NOT come with a backing plate, polishing pads or polishes/compound. Sold as described. Please do not buy this machine unless you are fully aware of its idiosyncrasies, as mentioned above. But as a cheap, lightweight rotary machine polisher, this is a bit of a bargain!

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