Supernatural Hybrid Nano Wax 30ml - 'hard shell' original batch CLEARANCE


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This is our original recipe of Supernatural Hybrid Nano.

We tweaked the recipe afterwards, as the first batch, although completely useable, had a "hard shell" or "crust".

The top layer hardens as the SiO2 reacts to the air.

We now make our batches with a new and improved formula, which gives it more "consumer appeal".

We're using a lot of "air commas" here, and I'm even moving my fingers like bunny ears whilst writing this. (I'm typing with my toes, in case you're wondering. It's a skill I picked up when raised by tree-dwelling monkeys in the Venezuelan jungle.)

Break through the initial shell, and the wax is all good underneath. Some people found this off-putting, so that's why we made a new recipe - but this original batch has its charms, loads of SiO2 as an active ingredient and it's now super cheap.


Please note: This original batch will NOT come with a linen presentation bag, but it will come with the product instruction booklet.

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