Total Wipe Out 100ml - All Purpose Cleaner (APC) ready-to-go spray (glovebox/sample size)

Dodo Juice


All Purpose Cleaners should never be confused with All Porpoise Cleaners, as these have a far more limited application.

APCs in the detailing sense, however, can be used to remove dead flies, bird mess and stubborn marks from exterior paint - plus they can deep clean sticky interior plastics and even remove stains from upholstery/carpets.

This 100ml spray is therefore a handy glovebox companion.

Well worth keeping in the car, along with a soft microfibre or two...

Note that we do Total Wipe Out in a larger ready-to-go spray, and a refill/concentrate that dilutes 1:10 or even more. So if you like this 100ml size, refill it or go for a larger sprayer and save money.

*Auto Express Best Buy 2018*

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