Need For Speed - 'All In One' polish and wax

Dodo Juice


The Dodo Juice ‘All-in-One' AIO. Or 'cleaner wax'. Or 'wax polish'. Well, whatever it is, it's there for when there simply isn't the time or need to polish and wax your car the long way round. Enter stage right: Need for Speed... an all-in-one super juice that cleans and polishes paintwork to a wicked lustre before leaving behind a protective coating of Brazilian carnauba wax.

Sure, it won’t replace the high end car waxes or sealants in your collection with 4-6 weeks of protection, but it’s probably the quickest and easiest way to juice your car – and you can always top it up with a paste wax or spray sealant later. Think of it as a short cut to great detailing results rather than some kind of compromised Frankenpolish. It's really that good!

Furthermore, it doubles as a useful fine cut compound when teamed with a sympathetic polishing pad, should you want to tackle some swirls with your machine polisher.

One of the more understated and under-acknowledged products in our range, but one that will really impress you if you give it a go. Now could be the time.

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