Basics Prep Monkey Kit - preparation stage bundle (6 items) £6 saving

Dodo Juice


If you've already got a shampoo and some wax, you may be missing the most critical stage of all - preparation. This is where the paint is decontaminated beyond mere washing and then polished to create the best possible gloss.

This kit contains a chunky 110g of clay, clay lube, some micro-abrasive Prep Polish for your paint, a bottle of Tyre and Trim... plus a Polish Applicator, Buffing & Polishing Cloth and over a fiver's worth of savings! 

Wondering what goes into the prep? Click here , and all will be revealed.

Contains: Clay Bars 2x55g, Clay Lube, Prep Polish 250ml, Tyre and Trim 250ml, Polish Applicator, Buffing & Polishing Cloth. (DILUTE CLAY LUBE WITH TAP WATER BEFORE USE).

(£38 list price of items = £6 saving.)

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