Flies Undone 500ml - bug and bird mess remover HS 3405300000

Flies Undone 500ml - bug and bird mess remover HS 3405300000

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Insect remains and bird mess can be some of the more annoying contaminants you'll find on your car, being stubborn to remove - but they can also be highly destructive. Bird mess in particular can eat through waxes or sealants and damage clearcoats in minutes rather than hours or days. And even those insect carcasses, apart from being scratchy, can leave behind residues that etch paint.

You therefore need to remove this contamination as soon as possible, as safely as possible.

Flies Undone is a specialist bug and bird mess remover, specifically made for the job.

Sure, you can use a detailing spray which is nicely lubricated but it won't clean that well. And an APC (All Purpose Cleaner) or citrus TFR (Traffic Film Remover) will remove them - but without any lubrication during the process, potentially increasing the chance of swirl marks.

Therefore, Flies Undone contains a blend of cleaning agents with the lubrication you'd normally expect from a detailing spray. Voila - best of both worlds.

With a pleasant citrus fragrance, just apply it to cool bodywork/panels, allow it to dwell for a few minutes then rinse it off with a pressure washer. Any remaining contamination can be tackled with neat Flies Undone and a cloth, gently rubbing until the mark has gone.

PS we don't recommend that you use Flies Undone on glass or the windscreen in case of smears. Instead, use a dedicated glass cleaner after a regular wash. Or if you do use Flies Undone, clean the glass thoroughly with a dedicated glass cleaner afterwards.

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