Basics Wax-safe Wash 500ml - pH-neutral maintenance car shampoo

Dodo Juice


Basics Wax-safe Wash is a proper detailing shampoo at a sensible price. Instead of being jam-packed with silicones, foaming agents, thickeners and silly sales points it's an honest-to-goodness pH-neutral car shampoo that's reassuringly residue free.

That's right, this shampoo is designed to clean and clean only - not to dry itself, rinse itself, wax your car, enhance its gloss or make you cheese toasties in bed. (You will use other products for gloss or protection at later stages of the detailing process, and get a better finish as a result.)

In dilution terms, we suggest you use this at 1:400 with water (halve this if the car is very dirty and you're in a hard water area) and because it is residue free you can use it on all surfaces including glass and the windscreen (it won't smear). Used at the standard concentrations, its high quality biodegradable surfactants won't trouble existing wax or sealant layers, making it a perfect 'maintenance' shampoo.

Finally, it has a fresh fragrance straight from an aftershave commercial, which may not be a deal-breaker but always makes washing the car a little more enjoyable.

We only do one size, a 500ml bottle. But don't be fooled - this makes approx. 200 litres of wash water (that's about a year of car washing for most people).

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