Professional Pads Bundle (Rotary) - expert rotary machine polishing pads bundle (8 items) £8 saving

Dodo Juice


Pros tend to use a narrower range of pads, but more of them, more often.

We've therefore put this bundle together for the pro who's using a rotary machine polisher.

It contains our popular red Waffle finishing pads, some handy Green Fins and the awesome Maxi Merino (with requisite backing plate).

If you've never experienced the joy of wool, ask a detailer who's tried Maxi Merino's cool cut goodness.

Please note that whilst a 150mm backing plate is supplied, this is for the Maxi Merino wool pad. You need a 120-125mm backing plate for the other pads (i.e. the standard fitment to most machines).

Contains: Supernatural Finishing Pad 160mm, 2x Waffle Red Finishing Pads 150mm, 3x Green Fin Heavy Polishing Pads 150mm, Dodo Juice Maxi Mount Backing Plate (M14) 150mm, Supernatural Maxi Merino wool cutting pad 150mm.

(£86 list price of items = £8 saving)

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