Orbital Accessories Kit - orbital/DA machine polishing accessory bundle (7 items) £7 saving

Dodo Juice


Increase the versatility of your orbital machine with this accessory kit - it works with all 5/16th inch machines, such as the Buff Daddy, G220 etc.

You get a paint decon pad for machine 'claying' (note: this is likely to cause visible paint marring, so you will need to machine polish afterwards), a couple of spot pads and requisite backing plate, an ultra-soft 123mm backing plate and our popular 130mm Midi Microfibre cutting pad.

So if you want a spot pad, heavier cut or a faster way to decontaminate paint, this kit does it all.

Contains: Supernatural 75mm Orbital Backing Plate, Supernatural Mini Microfibre Orbital Cutting Pad 80mm, Dodo Juice Little Red Finishing Pad 80mm, Supernatural 123mm Orbital Backing Plate, Supernatural Midi Microfibre Orbital Cutting Pad 130mm, Supernatural Paint Decon Pad.

(£63 list price of items = £7 saving)

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