Buff Daddy Intro Kit - starter DAS-6 550W orbital machine polishing bundle (6 items) £16 saving

Dodo Juice


Our most popular kit at shows is the Buff Daddy (DAS-6) intro kit… all the bits you need to get started for less than the cost of some machines! Of course, you'll still need a good dose of common sense and talent to achieve the safest, most effective, paint-correction results. But at least you'll have the basic pads and polishes to keep choice and confusion to a minimum.

This kit contains a Buff Daddy 500W DAS-6 orbital polisher, Lime Prime fine cut polish, Lime Prime Plus medium cut polish, a Waffle Red finishing pad and a Supernatural Midi Microfibre orbital cutting pad.

You'll find Lime Prime and the Waffle Red a great starting point, or maybe even enough on their own to tackle soft Japanese paint.

And if you find youself facing tougher clearcoat, you can always step up to Lime Prime Plus and the microfibre pad. However, please note that results are not guaranteed and that user skill is critical for achieving fast, safe and competent paint correction. That's why we include a Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet with this kit. This gives you a great grounding in basic theory, processes and techniques. It isn't just a general guide either - it's based on our machines, pads and polish - so you'll really start to see the potential of machine polishing from the outset. In some respects, the booklet is worth the price of the kit in itself. There's no point in investing hundreds of pounds into a machine polisher without knowing how to use it properly...

Finally, choose from UK three-pin and EU continental two-pin plug types, and whether you want it in the gift box or not.

Contains: Dodo Juice Buff Daddy DAS-6 orbital machine polisher, Lime Prime 250ml, Lime Prime Plus 250ml, Waffle Red finishing pad, Supernatural Midi Microfibre orbital cutting pad, Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet

(£156 list price of items = £16 saving)

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