Faberge Flat Earth - 'The King of Paperweights' 70% pure carnauba car wax collectible UNIQUE

Dodo Juice

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The most expensive paperweight in the Dodo Juice range, Faberge Flat Earth was specially commissioned by Dodo Juice during a séance with the late Peter Carl Faberge, who agreed to knock twice if he disliked the idea.

Hearing nothing, we purchased this invaluable object off Ebay and filled it with rock hard carnauba (a true and verifiable 70% percentage by weight or wet volume, impossible to apply to paintwork).

Styled in the shape of a dodo’s egg, but covered in shiny things, Faberge Flat Earth is the ultimate expression of decadence according to Paper Weight Monthly. 

Costing an unfathomable £12,000, Faberge Flat Earth is the most expensive carnauba filled paper weight in the world and will be personally delivered to your desk by a member of Dodo Juice staff (if you live within 15 miles of Elsenham, UK). The staff member will also, as part of the service, make you some toast (bread and toaster must be supplied) and dust your budgie. UNIQUE.

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