Cleaner Wax 'D' (Need for Speed prototype) - polish collectible UNIQUE

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00005

Before the daft names, the testing, the launch parties, the million unit sales... before all that comes the prototype product.

The humble, poor prototype. White boring bottles. Thick black permanent pen instead of colourful labels.

And some gunk inside them that may or may not see the light of day.

Well, Cleaner Wax D got lucky.

Its fellow Cleaner Waxes (A, B and C) are quietly relaxing in a Rest Home for Retired Emulsions.

But Cleaner Wax D had the winning fragrance and became Need for Speed after a mere dash of orange colouring.

Inside this drab white bottle, you'll find approximately 200ml of prototype Need for Speed.

'A unique opportunity to own some Dodo Juice history,' according to someone slightly deranged we made up. 'And remarkably cheap given its provenance and potential future value'.

We quite agree. UNIQUE.

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