Overpour Wax 250ml Jar - Rainforest Rub, Banana Armour & Light Fantastic SECONDS

Dodo Juice

£10.00 £27.50

When we hand-make our waxes, sometimes we have over-pour, just down to human judgement. This is a very rare occurrence, but still it's happened in the past. For instance the jug starts to fill a 250ml pot but has run a bit short, and if the pourers wingman is already sorting a different pot, a pot could end up half filled. 

There are three of them here, as we say, it's rare.

Light Fantastic - Roughly 160ml of the soft wax is here. It looks like a couple of fingers that have been dipped in the top it though. 

Rainforest Rub - A full jar of our first wax, just with a couple of finger swipes on the top. 

Banana Armour - Approx. 180ml of this hard wax for warm coloured cars.



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