Dodo Juice Original Enthusiast Brand T-Shirt OFFER

Dodo Waxshack


The artwork on this tee was created by the insanely talented Josh from LikeHell Design, and its subject is our legendary and long overdue Operation F.I.S.T sales ambulance. 

Why not fly our flag with this 'Original Enthusiast Brand' t-shirt? It looks great, delivers a message to the clueless fan boys, and it's green. No more is needed. 

Anyhoo, you want more info about the ambo? OK, Operation F.I.S.T stands for Fricking Insane Sales Truck and this is our show vehicle, or it may be, or perhaps it was. It depends when you read this. Currently at 5:41 PM GMT today, it's not ready.

PLEASE NOTE: the style of t-shirt is small for the size given, so please order one size more than normal unless you like a really tight Louis Spence type fit.

Size guide: Small - 36 inch chest Medium - 40inch Large - 42inch XL - 44inch 2XL - 46inch 


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