Metal Of Honour 30ml - dedicated metal wax/sealant

Independent Wax Label


Created by Reflection Jim, a home brewer on our Independent Wax Label, Metal of Honour is a specially formulated metal wax/sealant.

It works wonders to preserve finishes and help protect against rust on all metal surfaces. In tests, we coated wire wool submerged in water for weeks, and Metal of Honour prevented it from rusting - whilst the uncoated wire wool rusted in days. A good omen... So expect 2-3 months of metal protection, depending on application and where it is applied.

Don't use it on hot components or brakes, though... apply this hand crafted hybrid to cool components, perhaps after polishing them to a shine with Motley Blue. 

Note that you may need to solvent wipe the metal after polishing, but before applying Metal of Honour, to boost adhesion (and therefore improving coating longevity).

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