Supernatural Glass Polish 250ml - deep cleaning residue-free glass polish



A micro-abrasive glass polish for deeper cleansing of side glass and windscreens (NOT perspex or plastic windows).

Work in and then buff off almost immediately, for a residue-free finish that’s the perfect base for Supernatural Glass Sealant. Use a waffle-weave microfibre glass cloth (like Dodo Juice Mint Merkin or Supernatural Window Waffle) for buffing, to ensure a streak-free finish.

Please note that this will not remove scratches in glass and is not a substitute for claying.

It is always recommended to wash and clay glass first, before using Supernatural Glass Polish as the final preparation stage (before sealing the surface with Supernatural Glass Sealant).

For regular glass cleaning, use Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol spray. This will be faster and easier to use in most cases.

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