Spirited Away - concentrated screen wash (works down to -40 degrees C)

Dodo Juice


Hayoa Miyazaki wrote and directed the Oscar-winning animated film Spirited Away, and with us here at Dodo HQ being very cultured in all walks of life, we named our screen wash (or is it screenwash?) after it.

Also, the fact that the screen wash is spirit based, it was a bit of a no-brainer. That's about where the similarities end though. No parents are changed into pigs, for example. 

So what would you like to know about Spirited Away (the screen wash, not the animated film... you can just buy the DVD/Blu-ray for that)?

That it's smear-free, based upon our Clearly Menthol recipe and great for all weathers? We can confirm all of it.

In fact, it's almost like hanging a detailer in front of your car with some Clearly Menthol and giving him a little prod when your screen gets dirty.

There's soap in there, solvent, and a little Dodo magic.

From a technical perspective, Spirited Away (again, our screen wash, not the film) can cope with temperatures as cold as -40 and is safe on wiper blades, window rubbers and polycarbonate windows. However, we suggest you only use it neat if you work at Ice Station Zebra.

In the Summer, 1:6 is about right. And in winter, most people will be fine with it at 1:3.

So our 500ml bottle will make a maximum 3.5 litres of summer screen wash, or a couple of litres of winter strength solution. Using our faithful abacus, that means the 5 litre bottle will make around 30 litres! (You can select the 5 litre variant in the drop down menu.)

If you aren't overly fussy, just wait until your reservoir is low, pour the whole bottle in, then top with water. The 500ml we mean, not the 5 litre. That's just wasteful.


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