Tooled Up Kit - multi-stage detailing bundle with tool-style bag (7 items) £10 saving

Dodo Juice


"I'm all tooled up, bruv! Goin' for a ruby murray in my new doogie howsers," is what we imagine Danny Dyer said, seconds after buying this kit online.

So if you fancy joining your local detailing firm and having a rumble with some filth on your motah, you could do a lot worse than hooking yourself up with this little bundle.

It doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or an old hand, this bag and the clobber inside are going to help you raise your detailing game. And that's got to be well robin hood, innit?

Contains: Dodo Juice Tooled Up detailing bag, Dodo Juice Born to be Mild 250ml, Basics Clay Bar 55g, Basics Clay Lube 500ml, Basics Prep Polish 250ml, Rainforest Rub 30ml, Basics Detailing Spray 500ml

(£66 list price of items = £10 saving)

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