Triple Temptation Sample Kit - wash, polish and wax bundle (3 items) £2 saving

Dodo Juice


Heard about Dodo Juice? Curious why so many car enthusiasts are raving about it?

Now's your chance to experience the Juice for yourself with this three stage sample kit, covering the realms of washing, polishing and protection.

Wash-wise, you have quadruple award-winning concentrated detailing shampoo Born to be Mild.

Next up is Lime Prime, our legendary fine cut polish and pre-wax cleanser.

Then comes 30ml of either Rainforest Rub (soft) or Hard Candy (hard) carnauba wax, for protecting and enhancing your car's finish.

Both liquid products are 100ml, meaning three or four washes from Born to be Mild and a full polish or two from Lime Prime. Whilst you'll get a good three or four coats of wax from the 30ml mini-jar (on an average sized car).

Contains: Born to be Mild shampoo 100ml, Lime Prime pre-wax cleanser/polish 100ml, Rainforest Rub or Hard Candy carnauba wax 30ml

(£16 list price of items = £2 saving)

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