Sniff the Juice Air Freshener Kit - 11x100ml spray air freshener bundle (11 items) £9 saving

Dodo Juice


Our first eleven 100ml bottles of nostril massaging fragrances, all in one kit.

Two words. Oh. My. 

You'll get the same scents that we use in our products. So if you love the smell of Born to be Mild, for example, just give it a little spritz! Into the air, onto headlining, onto carpets, around a public toilet... the choice is yours.

The convenient sized bottles mean that you could fit a couple in your pockets and just spray them when you get the urge. Handy if you are travelling on public transport in the summer.  

In fact, we'd like to think that you clicked on this Air Freshener Kit because you love our fragrances.

But it's more likely that you clicked on it because you have a smelly friend.

Admit it, there is at least one person you know that pongs a bit. They may be human. They may be an animal. Or they may - quite frankly - be both.

Either way, they leave an odour that lasts longer than you'd like.

So it's great to have eleven different fragrances to choose from here.

Finally, please note that spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining... if concerned, please spray onto the carpets under the front seats instead.

Contains: Banana Armour Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (banana), Orange Crush Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (orange), Diamond White Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (vanilla), Light Fantastic Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (coconut), Blue Velvet Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (blueberry), Purple Haze Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (acai?), Hard Candy Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (sweet candy), Rainforest Rub Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (watermelon), Juiced Edition Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (pineapple), Born to be Mild Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (berries), Red Mist Fragrance Air Freshener 100ml (pineapple and coconut)

(£44 list price of items = £9 saving) 

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