Hose Sliders - anti-snag hosepipe and cable blockers for tyres (set of 2)

Dodo Juice


What's a Hose Slider?

We're glad you asked. No, it's not a miniature burger belonging to an escort girl. It's a handy plastic hose blocker that prevents your tyres snagging hoses, pressure washer lines, cables and air lines.

So if you've ever experienced the frustration of snagging your hose line, which you will if you've ever walked a hosepipe around a car, then this is for you.

Just slot them in and away you go.

Once you use them, you'll wonder why they hadn't been invented before... they're such a brilliant idea. They wedge in/under the tyres nicely and can't be dislodged easily by a jet wash.

This is a twin pack, for placing around the side of the car you'll be walking around, front and rear. If you want all four wheels sorting, buy two packs.

  • Fits any width tyre... tucks into the corner of the wheel
  • Sturdy plastic construction, easily stored
  • NOT to be used for chocking the wheels

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