Car Care Kit for Him - starter bundle, makes a perfect gift (8 items) £5 saving

Dodo Juice


You may want this kit as a treat for yourself. You may want this as a present for a loved one. You may wonder what's in the kit. We may tell you.

Okay, we WILL tell you.

Born To Be Mild, the legendary quadruple award-winning shampoo, to cover the wash stage.

Basics Prep Polish and the Blue Roo applicator to cover the prep stage.

Rainforest Rub wax (a soft wax to suit all colours) and a Basics Finger Mitt Wax Applicator to cover the protection stage.

Then Quick Detailer to cover the maintenance stage.

(Plus a Detailing Tutorials Booklet in case you or the lucky recipient are a bit confused about how to use all the above.)

That's four out of five detailing stages covered off for under forty pounds - and if you want the fifth decontamination stage, maybe add one of our clay kit bundles for just another tenner?

Contains: Born To Be Mild 250ml, Basics Prep Polish 250ml, Rainforest Rub 30ml, Basics Detailing Spray 500ml, Basics Wax Applicator, Blue Roo Polish Applicator, Basics Extra-Soft Buffing Cloth, Basics Detailing Tutorial Booklet

(£44 list price of items = £5 saving)

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