Minterior Interior - interior care bundle (8 items) £12 saving

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This is the kit for those that really take pride in the appearance of their car's interior.

You get a glass cloth and cleaner for the windowy-bits.

APC for the carpets, upholstery and headlining. You can even use the APC as a leather cleaner if you have leather seats.

Plus Basics Detailing Spray and a Mr Pink microfibre mitt for the hard surfaces (dash etc.).

There's even a pro-quality lint roller for your carpets, cloth seats/trim and parcel shelf.

And finally, a small detailing brush and some detailing swabs for the fiddly areas, like air vents and switchgear.

Everything you could need for a car interior... and arguably more.

Contains: Supernatural Detailing Sticks, Supernatural Sticky Roller Kit, Mr Pink Interior Cleaning Mitt, Mint Merkin Glass Cloth, Hog Brush 25mm, Total Wipe Out All-Purpose Cleaner ready-to-use 500ml, Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner 500ml, Basics Detailing Spray 500ml

(£78 list price of items = £12 saving)

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