Dodo Juice Finger Foam (Basics Wax Applicator) - soft foam finger mitt

Dodo Juice


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Many foam wax applicators float away in the breeze, have a glue edge or a sonic weld to mar soft paints or are simply made from harsher sponge material than you’d like.

That's why we cranked our thinking caps up to 11 and created the Basics Wax Applicator. You can comfortably get three or four fingers inside this aptly-named foam finger mitt, giving you comfort and control when applying a wax. It's almost like applying wax with your fingertips... and with a small 'nose' to get into tiny wax pots (like the Dodo Juice 30ml mini jars), it's really practical as well. If you're currently using a little foam pad or pad attached to a puck, it's time to reconnect with the paintwork and experience the tactility you've been missing.

Technically speaking, the Basics finger mitt is made from 90ppi soft foam, with an embossed Dodo Juice logo and it features an internal seam to elminate the risk of marring soft paints. For the most sensitive finishes, like soft Japanese paint, we do an even softer 110ppi foam finger mitt - the Supernatural Finger Mitt. But for most cars and occasions, the Basics Wax Applicator is all you'll need (90ppi is the standard foam density for wax applicators).

To maintain, simply massage neat washing up liquid into the finger mitt under a running tap after use, then rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Finger mitts may become torn and discoloured over time, so consign old finger mitts to secondary duties like tyre care. 

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