Square Sponge Clay Kit - decon policlay bundle, fine/medium/twin grades (2 items) £3 saving

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There is the way of the clay, but now there is the fad of the pad!

Claying becomes easier and more cost effective with the Square Sponge Clay Pad.

You can rinse off contaminants rather than 'use up' your clay, making it - in essence - a reuseable and long lasting block of clay.

When paired with Born Slippy clay lube, those contaminants will be taken firmly from their paint-embedded homes, paraded through the streets and then driven clean out of town.

To use, simply wet and lube a panel in the usual way, then glide the pad over the panel (an adjustable hook and loop strap makes it comfortable to hold), occasionally rinsing the clay pad in your rinse bucket.

This clay pad kit comes in three types, fine (2x fine grade pads), medium (2x medium grade pads) and 'twin' (1x fine grade pad, 1x medium grade pad) although please remember that there is still a small marring risk, just like with regular clay.

Don't know how to clay? Don't worry. Just visit our tutorials here.

Contains: Born Slippy 500ml clay lube, Square Sponge Clay Pads

(£20 list price of Items =  £3 saving)

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