Judgment Clay Kit - heavy decon clay and lube bundle (4 items) £7 saving

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Sometimes, the contamination is heavy and the paint will be machined anyway, so you need to bring out the big guns. You need Supernatural Medium Grade clay and Supernatural Heavy Grade clay - 420g of contamination-humiliating badness.

We include some clay lube concentrate and a spray bottle, as well, but even with a great clay lube like Born Slippy, these clays can still mar soft and medium-hard paints.

So you should only go for this kit if you know what you are doing and have some heavy contamination to humble.

For general clay duties, go for the Clay Mania kit instead, which contains fine grade clay.

Don't know how to clay? Don't worry. Just visit our tutorials here.

Contains: Supernatural Medium Grade Clay 240g, Supernatural Heavy Grade Clay 180g, Born Slippy Clay Lube Refill 250ml (makes 2.5 litres), Let Us Spray 500ml spray bottle

(£47 list price of Items =  £7 saving)

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