Spin Doctor v2 rotary machine polisher - 1100W, M14 spindle, UK plug

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If you really want to flatline swirls, it’s time to call in the Spin Doctor.

Rotaries can often cut paint a lot quicker than orbital machines, so - in competent hands - they can deliver fast and impressive results. They tend to vibrate less, as well.

The Spin Doctor is a compact and lightweight (approx 2kg bare) machine with a powerful 1100W motor and digital speed control. This means a digital LCD display shows your speed to the nearest 100rpm and you can accurately adjust your polishing speed from 1000-3000rpm at the touch of a button, just by using your thumb. We find the Spin Doctor works best between 1400-1800rpm. There's no need to work it much beyond that - your pad and polish combination will need to be checked before you start cranking it up beyond those speeds.

It comes with a 125mm M14 backing plate, a side handle and D-handle, a long 5m lead, spare carbon brush set and a hard carry case. It also has a two year warranty and CE marking - plus we'll send you a FREE copy of our Machine Polishing Tutorial booklet. This is absolutely indispensable if you've never machine polished before and may even be useful reading for seasoned pros. It explains the basic theory of machine polishing, how to get started, how to get meaningful results quickly and how to avoid basic mistakes. Furthermore, it elaborates on processes, techniques, machines and accessories. Cheaper machines don't tend to come with this level of useful info and they may often be sold with mismatched pads and polishes that can create confusion and inferior results.  

For maximum reliability, you should run this machine in at low speed/cut for the first few hours of use and not exceed 1500rpm. Running the machine at high loads and speeds straight from the box (often with unsuitable pad and polish combinations) can cause thermal lock and invalidate the warranty.

Note that the spindle is M14 thread and that the machine is UK spec (3 pin plug, 220-240v). It DOES NOT come with pads or polishing compounds. We do machine polishing kits if you would like a complete machine polishing bundle.

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