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Rotaries are sometimes seen as a little 'old school' compared to modern orbital machines, but there's a reason why they are the bodyshop pro's tool of choice.

They can correct paint rapidly, are vibration free and versatile - with dozens of backing plate and pad options. With a little common sense, a rotary will cut paint as gently and safely as you need it to initially, then hit as hard as Mike Tyson on Miley's wrecking ball when the going (and clearcoat) gets tough.

This kit contains a Spin Doctor v2 rotary machine polisher, Lime Prime fine cut polish, Lime Prime Plus medium cut polish, a Waffle Red finishing pad and a Green Fin heavy polishing pad. You'll find Lime Prime and the Waffle Red a great starting point, or maybe even enough on their own to tackle soft Japanese paint. And if you find youself facing tougher clearcoat, you can always step up to Lime Prime Plus and the Green Fin pad.

However, please note that results are not guaranteed and that user skill is critical for achieving fast, safe and competent paint correction.

To this end, we also include a Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet, which may even be worth the purchase price alone. It's full of invaluable advice and is actually based on the machine and products in this kit - so it can't be faulted for relevance. If you take your chance with a mismatched pad and polish combination sold elsewhere, you certainly won't get a tutorial booklet to go with it. Choose our kit and you'll be off to the best start possible.

Contains: Dodo Juice Spin Doctor v2 rotary machine polisher (includes backing plate), Lime Prime 250ml, Lime Prime Plus 250ml, Waffle Red finishing pad, Dodo Juice Green Fin heavy polishing pad, Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet

(£145 list price of items = £15 saving)

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