Born Slippy - specialist clay lube (silicone free) - Ready to Go - OFFER

Born Slippy - specialist clay lube (silicone free) - Ready to Go - OFFER

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Because people use a lot of clay lube when claying, they get inventive. They'll grab 'quick detail' sprays, diluted shampoo solutions, baby oil... even dishwasher detergent from somewhere deep underneath the kitchen sink (yes, we actually had a customer confess to this!). Anything goes. Or does it?

Some of these products can cause clays to crumble and dry out due to the solvents or detergents within them. They may contain silicone that could saturate the clay and inhibit contamination removal. And sometimes they don't even work that well.

Sure, water's fine for some clays, but if the clay face gets dirty what's lubricating the gritty little contamination particles? Water will never be as slippery as a dedicated lube.

So imagine if a product was invented specifically for the job. Say, a clay lube that didn't just lubricate the clay to reduce the chances of marring, but actually enhanced cleansing as well... That would be good wouldn't it?

Well, consider your prayers answered by the Dodo, in the form of Born Slippy. It's a dedicated clay lube, bursting with cleaning agents, tangerine overtones and a lot of lubrication. Some of the world's best detailers, like Mike Phillips, are known to indulge - and when you can buy it as an economical concentrate that dilutes down to as little as £2 per litre, why use anything else?

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